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RioConsulting is a clinical research organization (CRO) and a leading provider of clinical data science staffing solutions. With a dedication to bring innovative and customized data solutions, RioConsulting applies firm commitment to quality to our clients and partners. 

New offer


RioConsulting is seeking to help high tech professionals to advance their careers. We are desired to pitch candidates to the position that is best fit for their professional skills and personal characteristics. We are concerned with mapping your skills and wants to the business needs of our clients.

RioConsulting mainly focus on pitching biotechnology statisticians as well as SAS programmers to world’s leading pharmaceutical giants, including Pfizer, Merck and PPD. Our goal is to send out professionals with intensive knowledge of clinical industry and overwhelming real-world experience.

Business leader


RioConsulting is dedicated to provide candidates with SAS skill training through real word study projects. We are determined to ensure all candidates are eligible to impart an in-depth knowledge of CDISC standards including SDTM, ADaM and RECIST criteria.

CDISC standards have demonstrated to be the future trend of biostatistical programming due to innovative efficiency and regulatory requirement. Fully aware of this trend, RioConsulting pridefully provides professional tutorial to help every candidate become a CDISC expert. We see ourselves as active recruiter bringing talents to our clients as well as experienced tutor leading candidates to career success.